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分别 英语


A B C is yellow, red, green, respectively

就说they are 谁,谁and谁就行了

respectively 我给你举个例子吧 如那两个人分别是John和Brown,这句话可以翻译成That two persons are John and Brown respectively. respectively要用在修饰的词的后面 分别是谁?可以翻译成who are they respectively?

Their names are ...... .

There are three people in my family, my father, my mother and I.

和 gentle ; mild ; harmonious ; on good terms peace ; a surname ; [数]sum ; Japan (下棋或赛球不分胜负) draw ; tie together with ; to ; with (表示联合; 跟; 与) and 并且 and ; also ; and ... as well ; in additio...

separately, 事实上不用也没事吖,词义就包含分别了吖。computer and printer are DELL and HP.

they are 。。。and。。。。respectively

They are

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